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    Still waiting for a completion date for my CD. So for all those who pre-paid for a copy please contact me at, exegroves@gmail.com, as to whether you want a refund or are prepared to wait until I can send you a copy which I will do  as soon as I have it in my hands.PROFOUND APOLOGIES.

  • Tomorrows Folk

    Following Spinners Legends final great shows at Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room 2nd & 3rd Oct. I have a new CD Tomorrows Folk which will be available from mid-November. I am very sorry for the delay but the producer has been very ill but is now back at work.

    When we started our folk club in 1958 we then went to a festival at EFDSS in London. There we met people who were well versed in folk-songs. All of them told us to remember that most of the songs we were singing were 'popular songs of their day'. Hence Tomorrows Folk is my guess at what will be being sung in folk clubs now and in the future. 

Welcome to former “Spinner” Mick Groves Website. 

The Spinners were a world famous folk group that were particularly popular in the 60’s and 70’s (even having their own UK TV show). 

Mick is now a solo artist living and colaborating with local musicians in the South West of England, however he still likes to get together with his old Spinner friends as often as possible. 

Despite the crawl of time Mick remains an active and popular artist both locally and internationally. Please see news and gigs for the latest events. 

In 2005 Mick released a well received solo album of songs by Ewan MacColl (Father of Kirsty), the album is available through this site.

This site also includes more history about Mick and the Spinners. 

Click here for more information about Mick.